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Vitalie Belibov (Moldova)

Have you ever met someone and sensed instantly that God was working out their story for His glory? On a trip to Eastern Europe last Fall, I spent just a couple of days in the country of Moldova which gave me an opportunity to briefly visit the ministry of Stella’s Voice. This ministry was featured on FIRST PERSON when we talked with the founder, Philip Cameron, in September of 2014. That conversation can be heard in our audio archive here. Stella’s Voice provides a home and much more to young women and men in Moldova who might otherwise become victims of sexual trafficking.

While in Moldova, I only had a couple of hours on a Sunday morning free, so I called Stella’s Voice to see if I could pay a brief visit and learn more. Since it was Sunday morning, I was invited to attend their church service at Stella’s House and greet some friends I had met in Chicago. My transportation that morning was Vitalie Belibov, a pastor of the young congregation. As we drove to church, I was so fascinated by his story that as we left to drive me back, I asked him to let me interview him as he skillfully maneuvered through the city traffic.

It was such a chance encounter, but Vitalie had such a compelling testimony that I wanted you to hear it. I imagine it will be some time before I ever return to Moldova and I might never have another opportunity to talk with this servant of the Lord. His story encouraged me and I thought it might build your faith in our God who works in every circumstance of life for His purposes.

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