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Odessa Settles

Odessa Settles2This week’s interview features a guest who is uniquely gifted.  I met Odessa Settles when a friend, Jeff Taylor, invited me to a Tokens Show in Nashville and I heard her sing We Shall Overcome.  We then invited Odessa to come to the studio for an appearance on a radio show we did at the time called IN THE STUDIO with Michael Card. At that time I learned of her great love of music that tells the story of the struggle for freedom by African-Americans.  Then, when FIRST PERSON began about four years ago, Odessa was one of the first people I called to learn more about her story.

Odessa wears many hats– she is a pediatric nurse who cares for premature babies, and she is a member of The Princely Players, a group which uses music and drama to tell the story of slavery.  You can learn more about The Princely Players at their website by clicking here.

Please don’t miss the FIRST PERSON moment in the studio when Odessa sings the spiritual, I Want Jesus To Walk With Me.  Also, in addition to the radio interview, we kept talking afterwards and you’ll find that conversation in the Soundcloud player on the right side of this page.

NEXT WEEK:  Jim McBride, author of Rite of Passage

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