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John Boyd

I am very pleased to have John Boyd, President and CEO of Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) on FIRST PERSON as this week’s guest.  As a bonus, I’ve teamed up with MAF to offer you a free download of Jungle Pilot the story of martyred missionary pilot Nate Saint as an audiobook which I’ve narrated.

John Boyd was born in Dunbar, Scotland, moving to Rhodesia (now known as Zimbabwe) with his parents at age three. He grew up in Rhodesia and began his professional career there, in law enforcement. He later moved to South Africa where he held several executive level corporate positions. It was in South Africa that John accepted Jesus Christ as his savior, and also met his wife, Tanya. As a boy, John developed a keen interest in aviation and in later years earned commercial fixed wing and helicopter pilot licenses with instrument ratings. In 1990 he was able to combine his aviation hobby with his business skills to become marketing director for Court Helicopters. John worked for Court until 1993, when he answered God’s call to enter the mission field as a pilot for MAF in 1994. You’ll hear John tell his own story when you listen to FIRST PERSON.

To download the audiobook edition of Jungle Pilot, just click here. I hope you will enjoy the fascinating story of Nate Saint and the early days of Mission Aviation Fellowship. Leave your comments on our Facebook page here.

NEXT WEEK:  Former Vietnamese POW, Lee Ellis

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