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Dr. Joe Stowell

The first time I heard Joe Stowell preach, I was 18 years old and had just arrived on a college campus where Joe was starting his first church nearby. I can remember thinking clearly that he was far too young to be a pastor– a pastor was a man with gray hair and many years of experience. I was wrong, of course, and much later in my radio career I had the wonderful opportunity of working under Joe Stowell’s leadership at Moody Bible Institute where, among other things, we ministered together on the daily radio program PROCLAIM! for 9 years. We found ourselves at the mic often through the years at many events including Promise Keepers in the 90’s and during the national crisis of 9/11/2001.

Today, Dr. Stowell is the President of Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, MI and we don’t see each other but occasionally. However, when his book, REDEFINING LEADERSHIP:  Character-Driven Habits of Effective Leaders, was released this year, I was quick to call him to talk about his book, and to catch up on his life. In this latest book, he shows us that the best leaders are driven by Christ-formed character, and that truly successful leadership is not defined by the standards of this world but by the counter-intuitive practices and perspectives of the Kingdom of Christ.

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