Meet Joe Carlson, producer

FIRST PERSON is a labor of love, born out of a desire to simply produce a radio program that honors the Lord and is “soul satisfying”, not only to those who make it happen, but also to listeners.

Volunteering his services as producer, Joe Carlson doesn’t just understand that mission—he, in many ways, is the embodiment of it.

A full-time Senior Producer at Moody Radio, Joe has been working on radio projects for many years.  Together, we have done countless programs including PROCLAIM! with Joe Stowell, IN THE STUDIO with Michal Card, PARENTING TODAY’S TEENS with Mark Gregston, and numerous special projects.  Along the way, we have shared a deep friendship.

Joe often says to me, “I’m going to keep that take, but I know you’ve got something better in you.”  So, I take a deep breath and start over again.  That’s what a good producer will do and I am indebted to him.