About the Program

shepherd_2Someone once said that our lives are a series of short stories leading to a novel.

FIRST PERSON, a weekly, 24 minute radio program, was created out of a simple desire to pass along to you the “short stories” of people whom I bump into every week as I host a variety of radio projects. FIRST PERSON will give listeners an opportunity to hear testimonies firsthand, learning how God works through people to build His Kingdom. Some of the guests will be names you recognize. Others you will not. But all will teach you something about trusting Jesus Christ more fully with your life.

FIRST PERSON can be heard online, or you may subscribe to the podcast, receiving each program automatically each week. You can also follow FIRST PERSON on Facebook and Twitter.

If you are a radio station programmer, FIRST PERSON is available as a weekly broadcast at no charge. There are no financial appeals or sponsorships. Please email me at wayne@wayneshepherd.net if you would like additional information about placing FIRST PERSON.

Thank you for taking a little time to listen to FIRST PERSON.