Albert Reyes


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Albert-Reyes-SmallThis week on FIRST PERSON, you’ll meet Dr. Albert Reyes, the President of Buckner International, a global Christian ministry founded in 1879 in Dallas, TX. Buckner is focused on serving vulnerable children, orphans, seniors, and their families.

In our conversation, Dr. Reyes will talk about his life story and the theme of his book, The Jesus Agenda, in which he challenges followers of Christ to get involved in redemption ministry, serving people and meeting their needs in the name of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Reyes says, “My paternal grandfather was an orphan and struggled to earn a living as a migrant farm worker. My dad picked cotton as a little boy. Every opportunity I have to serve the ‘least of these’ in this world, reminds me where I came from. Whenever we have the opportunity to shine hope into the lives of  ‘the least of these’, we apply our hands and feet in redemptive ways to catch up with what God is doing on this planet.”

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