Alistair Begg

This week we are going to repeat one of our most popular interviews ever on FIRST PERSON. Last year’s interview with Alistair Begg has been downloaded 10 times more often than almost any other program we’ve produced. So, during the summer when we re-air some of our more popular programs, we’ve chosen to feature the conversation with Alistair.

Very often the people we hear on the radio have little information available about their life and the story of how God called them into ministry. This week on FIRST PERSON I hope we can correct that with at least one well-known and loved pastors, Alistair Begg of Truth For Life.  Alistair serves as the senior pastor of Parkside Church near Cleveland, OH.

It’s obvious from his accent that he’s from Scotland, but what were the circumstances that brought him to America and what influence did his parents and grandparents have on his life? What is his goal at this point in life?I hope you’ll join us for this conversation with Alistair as we explore these and other questions.

My thanks to Amy Casselberry and Nancy Curtiss of Truth For Life for their help in arranging and helping to record this interview.

Please visit us on at to leave your comments and even ideas for future interviews.

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