Andre Bernier


If you live in Northeast Ohio, you’ve no doubt seen Andre Bernier on WJW-TV, FOX 8 in Cleveland giving the weather nightly. This week on FIRST PERSON, you’ll meet this personable prognosticator who loves what he does and loves Christ who gives direction to his life.

When did all things relating to weather become his interest in life? He answers that question as he talks about the importance of following one’s passion in serving the Lord– even in the secular marketplace. You’ll also learn a few other things about Andre that will encourage and inspire you in your faith.

Andre’s podcast,, is a fun and popular online feature which gives him a chance to talk¬†about people, places and things that have a direct connection to weather in some way, shape or form. As a matter of fact, one of his Weather Jazz guests will be OUR guest next week on FIRST PERSON.

NEXT WEEK:  Gunnar Gunnarsson, a pastor in Iceland

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