Andrew Brunson

In 1993, Andrew Brunson moved to Turkey, the largest unevangelized country in the world, to serve as a missionary. Andrew and his wife spent the next 20 plus years convinced they were doing God’s will by serving in a place they learned to love.

Then, in 2016, they were unjustly arrested and Andrew was charge with being a spy. Andrew spent 735 days in a Turkish prison, struggling to keep his faith in those extremely difficult circumstances. You’ll learn firsthand what Andrew went through as you listen to FIRST PERSON this week.

Andrew’s book telling the story is entitled God’s Hostage.

I urge all of our listeners to remain safe during this Covid-19 era, and ask that you pray for those whose health is compromised, as well as those families who have lost there loved ones. Pray also for the many who have lost jobs and face an uncertain employment future.

NEXT WEEK:  Sergey Rakhuba of Mission Eurasia

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