Andrew Scott

Andrew-Scott-SmallAndrew Scott is the President of the U.S. arm of Operation Mobilization, a global mission organization founded by George Verwer.  Originally from Northern Ireland, Andrew didn’t exactly start in the mail room at OM, but he did start in the kitchen onboard ship and has served Christ at OM for a number of years.

In this week’s interview, we first re-visit a conversation from a few years ago when we sat down together in Andrew’s office near Atlanta to talk about his life story and calling to serve Christ through Operation Mobilization. Then in the second half of this week’s show, we update our conversation to the present with a focus on Andrew’s new book, SCATTER, a call to a new era in global missions.

Once you’ve taken the time to listen to Andrew’s story and the message of his book, I hope you will click here to learn more about this global ministry that could use your prayers and support in its mission of proclaiming Christ.

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