Barry Meguiar

PART ONE.  When I was told that Barry Meguiar was going to Chicago for a few days, I immediately sought to invite Barry to join us again on FIRST PERSON. However, since we talked with him about 3 years ago on this program I decided that we first needed to re-play that previous interview to acquaint new listeners with Barry’s story. Then, next week you’ll hear the up-to-date conversation in which we talk more in depth about personal evangelism and the new website,

As you listen to Barry’s testimony in this first interview, you’ll hear a dramatic story of how the Lord directed this businessman and car guy to use his platform as a witness for Christ.

For more about Barry Meguiar, visit the websites Revival Outside the Walls and Ignite America.

NEXT WEEK:  Pt. 2 of our conversation with Barry Meguiar



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