Barry Meguiar

PART TWO.   Last week on FIRST PERSON, you heard the story of car guy Barry Meguiar as he told how the Lord moved in his life to use his business platform as a pulpit and do more to share the message and love of Christ with people.

This week, in part two of our conversation, Barry expresses more of his passion for witnessing. He believes in it so much that he has set up a website called IGNITE AMERICA to connect Christians with each other and encourage each other with tools and stories of lives transformed by the Gospel.  It’s and, after hearing Barry, you’ll want to participate!

But because he’s a car guy, to open this week’s interview, you’ll also hear Barry tell a great, personal car story which has a connection to his grandfather.

For additional information about Barry Meguiar, visit his ministry Revival Outside the Walls.

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