Billy Graham


During my years at Moody Radio in Chicago, our broadcasting team often intersected with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, working on some programming together. Members of our team would often have a few minutes to interview Dr. Billy Graham. After a few years of requests for a longer interview, the day came in April, 1997 when Dr. Graham would be in Chicago promoting his autobiography, JUST AS I AM. The offer was made that he would come to the Moody studios for an hour long interview and I had the chance to sit down with him.

As you will hear on FIRST PERSON, we talked about several things, but what I remember most was his story of coming to WMBI in the 1940’s to ask George Beverly Shea (who was a WMBI staff announcer and soloist) to sing on Billy’s fledgling radio program SONGS IN THE NIGHT. You’ll hear him tell that story and much more.

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