Bobby Blazier

Bobby-Blazier-SmallI am personally very excited that some unpublished manuscripts by the outstanding hymn writer Fanny Crosby have recently been discovered.  Although she died 100 years ago, this blind woman’s hymns are still widely sung in churches today all over the world. Now, with the discovery of a box of unpublished poems, we have a whole new set of songs that we may be singing another 100 years.

This week on FIRST PERSON, you’ll meet Nashville musician and producer Bobby Blazier who, along with other talented artists is taking those poems and using them as  lyrics for songs never heard before.  Bobby will explain how this all came about and what we can expect to hear unveiled.

Most importantly, we will talk about a live event in Nashville on Thursday, October 8 at Lipscomb UniversityTPS-coverphoto2 where a great line-up of Christian talent will join us for an evening of this new music blended with some of the old favorites penned by Fanny Crosby. Called Heaven’s Encore (click), this live performance will be a special presentation of THE PUBLIC SQUARE (click), another of the programs I host with Dave Zanotti and the team at the American Policy Roundtable (click). So I will be there on October 8 in Nashville and I hope to see you there. Tickets are required and you’ll find all the information you need here (click).

NEXT WEEK: Terry Botwick, Producer of the film CAPTIVE.

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