Bruce Marchiano

A number of years ago in another radio life, I made the acquaintance of Bruce Marchiano, who at that time was featured in the role of Jesus in a film titled, The Gospel of Matthew. This was long before Christian filmmakers became extremely active in producing films that appealed to a Christian audience and beyond. Bruce joined me on radio at that time to talk about using film as a Gospel witness.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when Bruce called me and we re-connected. In the ensuing years, he has been very active in film, books, and other ministry. I then invited to join me on FIRST PERSON to update us on his life and Marchiano Ministries.

Most recently Bruce stars in the newly launched series The Encounter.  He also released his first film as writer/director, Alison’s Choice, and is in development on a film of The Gospel According to John.

Next Week:  Canadian Evangelical leader Brian Stiller

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