Bruce Smith

This week we welcome back Dr. Bruce Smith, the President and CEO of Wycliffe Associates.   Bruce will give an update on new technology which is helping to accelerate the work of Bible translation around the world.  This is the 50th anniversary year for Wycliffe Associates which assists Bible translators with technology, education, community development, prayer, and hospitality with the goal of making their important ministry more successful for the sake of the Gospel message.  Wycliffe Associates accomplishes this through both donations and an army of volunteers who do whatever is necessary to partner with and aid the translators in their work.

In this interview, Bruce will also introduce us to his new book, Living Translation:  Their Stories.

If you would like more information about Wycliffe Associates and the volunteer opportunities available to serve Christ in this way, start at this website:  Regardless of age, income, or life experience, there just might be something you can do to contribute your skills in this ministry.

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