Bruce Sonnenberg

With all the attention on combating Covid-19, we don’t see the headlines we once did about HIV/AIDS. However, around the world, it is still a tragic health concern that is destroying lives, including innocent children. One of the few evangelical ministries addressing this issue is He Intends Victory, led by this week’s guest, Bruce Sonnenberg.

He Intends Victory is touching the people of the world through radio, television, speaking opportunities, orphanages, homes for those with HIV/AIDSĀ and providing care and encouragement. He Intends Victory is dedicated to educating the world community and the Church on how to effectively share hope to those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

In this week’s interview, Bruce brings us up-to-date since our first conversation several years ago on what He Intends Victory is doing today in the name of Christ. After listening, please take the time to visit the ministry’s website here.

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