Capt. Dom Gorie – Space Shuttle Commander

I never have trouble finding guests for FIRST PERSON, and our guest this week is a good example of how it sometimes happens. A friend who listens to this program told me of someone he knows who has a unique story of coming to faith in Christ and the career path God chose for him. I never would have thought to contact former Space Shuttle Commander Dom Gorie (click), were it not for the suggestion from this listener.

As you listen, you’ll hear Captain Gorie, a veteran Naval pilot and test pilot, describe the circumstances of placing his faith in Christ. He will also describe the incredible experience of flying on four Space Shuttle missions with NASA, two of them as Commander. What’s it like to see earth from that shuttle window? You’ll hear him describe it.

Captain Gorie is now retired from active duty and living in Colorado with his family. I thank God for him and all those who serve God and our nation at the same time.

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