Charles Morris

I am very please to have my friend Charles Morris as this week’s FIRST PERSON guest. Charles is the host of radio’s HAVEN TODAY program, widely heard across the country. Charles is a trained journalist who brings his skills in journalism, combines them with his ability, and teaches the Word of God in order to bring a biblical worldview to current events.

Charles will give a brief history of the Haven Ministry, explain how 9/11 changed his ministry, and look at a few world events that Charles has covered, applying his knowledge of Scripture to help us think and act biblically.

I’ll always be grateful to Charles and the HAVEN TODAY listeners who have raised in excess of $1 million dollars for relief work in Ukraine, turning that money over to Mission Eurasia to meet needs in the name of Christ. It’s just one example of how HAVEN TODAY is serving Jesus and telling the Lord’s story in today’s world.

NEXT WEEK:  Don Parsons of Mission Eurasia, serving refugees in Poland



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