Chenoa Alamu

Our guest this week is a gifted musician. Chenoa Alamu is a versatile violinist whom I met several years ago when she was in the Nashville-area studio of Michael Card working on a recording project with Mike. At that time, Chenoa joined us in conversation on Mike’s radio program and played her instrument along with him on a song or two in the studio.  Since then, I’ve followed her career and looked forward to learning more about her story. When I learned she would be in the Chicago area, I invited Chenoa to the FIRST PERSON studio for that conversation and I was delighted that she brought along her violin.

So, this week you’ll meet Chenoa as we talk about her love of music and her desire to help children be musically trained. You’ll also hear her play a beautiful hymn tune on her instrument.

Chenoa is a former teaching assistant at the University of Iowa School of Music where she studied violin. She now loves giving violin lessons to children from her home near Springfield, IL.

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