Christine Boyle

You won’t hear a typical story this week on FIRST PERSON, but you will hear a story of God’s grace and mercy shown to a young mother. Christine Boyle was 18 years old, one week away from leaving for college, when she found out she was pregnant and would become an unwed mother. She was preparing to have an abortion when she was told that she was too far along. On top of that, when the baby arrived, she was born with life-threatening complications and disabilities.

Christine-Boyle-SmallBut as you might imagine, that’s when Christine turned her life over to God and things began to change. You’ll hear her tell the story as you listen. Today, Christine is a wife and mother of two special needs children and is devoting herself to her family and a ministry of encouraging other parents of children with disabilities. She has formed Glory Revealed Ministries and you’ll find more when you click here.

Next Week:  Victor Akhterov of FEBC/Russia

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