Chuck and Winnie Christensen

Sometimes you just need to stop and honor people who have walked with the Lord for many years and remained faithful to His call on their lives through the many ups and downs that come with life on earth. And one great way to honor them is to listen to them talk about what they have learned.

Chuck-Christensen-SmallThis week, you’ll meet a remarkable and gifted couple who can teach us much, Chuck and Winnie Christensen. For many years, Chuck worked as a Christian broadcaster with Moody Radio in Chicago, even starring as “Sailor Sam” on the long running and popular children’s program. Chuck will also talk about his experience in WWII serving in the Office of Strategic Services, a U.S. wartime intelligence agency. Winnie has served as an author, Bible teacher, and speaker. Together, their marriage has weathered storms and thrived as they continue to grow closer in the Lord each day.

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