Cisco Cotto

Radio has always been a fascination for me. As a kid growing up in Michigan, I would spend hours in my room listening to radio stations and their DJ’s on stations like CKLW out of Windsor, ON and WTAC in Flint, MI. One of my very favorites was WJR in Detroit with their iconic host, J.P. McCarthy.

Today in Chicago one of the most listened to radio voices isn’t a DJ, but a news anchor named Cisco Cotto. He is morning co-anchor on WBBM Newsradio. He and those who work alongside him are the go-to voices for morning news, weather, and traffic in Chicago.

But Cisco is not your typical radio guy– he’s also a pastor. This week on FIRST PERSON, you’ll hear his story as we discuss how this unique calling came about as well as how he balances the two dissimilar careers.

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