Colin Smith


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Colin-Smith-SmallOriginally from Scotland, Colin Smith is now Senior Pastor of The Orchard (click), a growing Chicagoland church with 4 locations presently. Colin is also the speaker on the nationally syndicated radio program UNLOCKING THE BIBLE (click). Now, he’s also the author of a book titled Heaven, How I Got Here (click) which is the story of the thief on the cross who believed what Jesus Christ said was true and believed him for salvation.

In our FIRST PERSON conversation this week, we talk about Colin’s life and ministry, the state of the church in the world, and about the lessons we can learn from the thief who took Jesus at his word. Taking what we know from scripture and by imagining the thief’s background and perspective, Colin sees a man who realized he was headed for hell and asked Christ for the forgiveness of his sins, and received salvation, not through his good deeds, but through faith and the grace of the Lord.

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