Corrado Primavera

My friend Michael Card introduced me to the guest you’ll hear this week on FIRST PERSON. In recording the podcast IN THE STUDIO with Michael, he invited his friend Corrado Primavera to join us for a brief interview from his home in Rome. I was so taken with meeting ¬†Corrado that I asked him to join me for another online interview– this one for FIRST PERSON. (By the way, I think you will enjoy Michael’s IN THE STUDIO podcast– you can subscribe and listen here.)

Corrado is a pastor living in Rome who also holds advanced degrees in history. When he walks around his city, he sees more than the average tourist. He sees evidence and the story of the Apostle Paul and early Christianity. I think you, too, will enjoy getting to know Corrado Primavera.

NEXT WEEK:  Rita Elmounayer, CEO of Sat7 television


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