Dan Vermilya

Like many people, I love to read history books. So, this week on FIRST PERSON, we are going to take a step back in time to talk about some of the stories from the Civil War that illustrate the faith of those involved in many of the battles, specifically the Battle for Atlanta.

Daniel-Vermilya-SmallOur guest is historian Dan Vermilya, the author of THE BATTLE OF KENNESAW MOUNTAIN. Dan spends time on some of the key battlefields of the war, and has documented many stories that not only tell about the war, but demonstrate the faith in God that many soldiers clung to as they fought.

Dan is also the author of JAMES GARFIELD AND THE CIVIL WAR, telling the largely unknown story of Garfield, later an assasinated President, who served and fought bravely in the Civil War.

For more about this week’s guest, you can read his blog: http://www.fieryordeal.blogspot.com.

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