Darrell Waltrip

Through mutual friends, I was able to contact Darrell Waltrip and his wife, Stevie, and invite them to be interviewed. We actually talked about it for several years before the opportunity came for me to be in Nashville and respond an invitation to visit them in their home.

Darrell and Stevie were more than gracious and made time for us to sit down and learn their faith story, how they met, and some of the incidents in their career in NASCAR that have been so significant. Darrell is a racing champion, a NASCAR legend, and spent many years calling races on FOX SPORTS before retiring. Stevie has been right there with Darrell the whole time, encouraging him in his Christian faith and even on the race team through the years. Together they are a dynamic couple who love the Lord and give Jesus Christ first place in their lives.

If you listen on radio this week, you’ll hear their story. But if you follow this link you’ll hear even more as we’ve shared an extended version, more than time permitted on the radio.

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