David Howell

This week’s guest, David Howell, describes himself as once a hard-drinkin’, hard-sinnin’ man who led a tough life. A roughneck from the oil fields of Texas, David finally gave his life to Christ after hearing Chuck Colson’s story in Born Again. Now in his 70’s, when many of his peers are settling down on the sundeck, he is now pouring his energies into Prison Evangelism, the nonprofit he founded to distribute evangelistic and discipleship materials to as many of America’s two million-plus incarcerated men and women as possible.

As you listen to the conversation, you’ll hear David talk about a simple book he’s written called How To Be a Child of God and how the Lord is using both the book and a DVD version to reach hundreds of thousands of people in prison with the Good News.  For more about the book and David Howell’s vision for prison evangelism, click here.

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