David Hunt

Our FIRST PERSON guest this week is David Hunt, the publisher of The Most Important Story (MIS). MIS has more than 92 million copies in print in many languages, and has been used to reach people of all ages with the message of the gospel.

David has been a friend for many years. Growing up as a missionary kid in Vietnam, God has given him a heart and vision to reach ┬áthe world with the message of God’s love and plan of salvation.

The Most Important Story has been a incredible tool introducing people to Jesus Christ. Now, in addition to the print version, a smartphone app has been developed using the same colorful content. Available in several languages, the app will continue to add languages as funds become available. Presently, it costs about $2500 to release MIS in each language. Learn more about the app at www.mostimportantstory.com/apps.

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