David McCullough

I am often asked to identify my favorite interview over the years. I can’t name just one or even a few, but this week’s conversation ranks among the top. The late historian and Pulitzer Prize-winning author David McCullough will be our FIRST PERSON guest regarding his book 1776. Mr. McCullough died in 2022. In part one this week, we discuss George Washington and the momentous year in America that was 1776. Next week as we continue to celebrate the 4th of July, you will hear part two.

This interview was recorded in 2005, the year the book was released, and took place on OPEN LINE, a live radio program on Moody Radio. My thanks to Moody for allowing me to re-air the interview and to Chris Segard of Moody Radio for digging into the archive. The original in-person interview was booked by Cindy Rojas of Moody Radio and I am grateful for her assistance, along with producer Joe Carlson.

Previously on FIRST PERSON, we featured a two-part conversation with David McCullough regarding his book, John Adams. Those programs can be heard here and here.

NEXT WEEK:  Part two of 1776 with David McCullough

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