Dewayne Washington

Dewayne-Washington-SmallThis week on FIRST PERSON you’ll meet Dewayne Washington, a gifted pastor, musician, and much more. Pastoring a church in Ft. Worth, Texas, Dewayne is also the man behind an innovative program for young, inner city youth called The Gentlemen’s Society. Using biblical principles, Dewayne instructs young men how to live a life of character and integrity. He teaches them how to respectfully act and speak to others and how to treat a lady. He teaches them how to interview for a job. But Dewayne will be the first to tell you that the  young men teach him much in return.

You’ll get an introduction to this remarkable program for boys which is totally biblically based and very effective.  You can watch this video to see the results.  And if you’d like more information on this program and how you can support it and even implement it where you live, you can email Dewayne at, or visit the website here.

NEXT WEEK:  Oliver Dossman of EdenRidge.orgOliver-Dossmann-Small

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