Dr. Erwin Lutzer

This weekend, on May 22, 2016, Dr. Erwin Lutzer will preach his final sermon as Senior Pastor of Moody Memorial Church in Chicago (click)— the longest serving pastor in the church’s long and storied history. Just a year ago Dr. Lutzer joined us here on FIRST PERSON upon the publication of his autobiography, He Will Be the Preacher (click). Now, it seems appropriate to re-air last year’s interview.

When you listen to the podcast version of FIRST PERSON, or stream it here online, you’ll hear an extended version of our conversation which is longer than the radio version.Erwin-Lutzer-Small

As Pastor Emeritus of Moody Church, Dr. Lutzer plans to take on a wider range of responsibilities, continuing to represent The Moody Church in as many different ways as he can. He will be able to assume a greater role in its Media Ministry, speaking at media rallies, conducting seminars, and writing books that speak to the issues confronting us today. He will also continue to speak on the RUNNING TO WIN (click) radio program.

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