Dr. James Hwang – FEBC China

The purpose of this weekly FIRST PERSON program is to tell the stories of people who have been called of God in a unique way to serve in His Kingdom. With that purpose, we should never run out of stories to tell, and bringing them to you is a joy!

This week, you will meet Dr. James Hwang, an engineer by training, who once worked for NASA in developing robotics.  Then, as a Dallas Seminary grad, he was called of God to serve as a local church pastor. But God was not finished with his call, and James now serves as the Executive Director of Chinese Ministries at the Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC). Along with a great team, James and his colleagues develop and implement strategic plans, produce radio content, work closely with other Chinese language production centers to produce radio programs, and develops and engages in other media formats for the spread of the gospel to the nation of China as well as Chinese all over the world.

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NEXT WEEK:  Dr. Jerry Root

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