Ed Cannon

From time to time I like to keep you informed on the ministry of the Far East Broadcasting Company by talking with Ed Cannon, President of FEBC. This week on FIRST PERSON, with North Korea dominating the headlines over the past year and more, Ed will give a report on the efforts to reach into North Korea with a powerful new radio station. It’s an amazing story of God providing the perfect location to build the station where it will be most effective in penetrating the country and proclaiming the Gospel.

Ed will also report on his recent trip to the Philippines where a major milestone was celebrated in the history of FEBC.

The daily radio program FEBC TODAY, which I host with Ed, is available on many radio stations around the U.S. and can also be heard online at FEBCTODAY.org.

Please take a moment this week to thanks FEBC for their faithful Gospel broadcasts reaching millions of people– and thank them for their support of FIRST PERSON!

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