Ed Harrell

This week’s guest is a true hero. On this Veteran’s Day weekend in the United States we honor those who served that we might remain free.  Marine Corporal Edgar Harrell‘s assignment was to guard the secret crates holding two atomics bombs. They were on board the USS Indianapolis to be delivered to an airbase in the Pacific.  After delivery, while back at sea, the Indianapolis was sunk by a Japanese submarine.  Out of nearly 1200 men, Mr. Harrell was one of only 300 or so survivors who endured over 4 days in shark invested waters watching other men all around him die.  He tells his gripping story this week on FIRST PERSON and it is an honor to help him tell it.

This interview was recorded and previously aired on FIRST PERSON but since the news broke this past August that the Indianapolis was found 18,000 feet below the surface we felt it was time to revisit this incredible story. You can read about the discovery here.  I’ve spoken with Mr. Harrell twice since the ship was found this summer and can report that he is doing well and still traveling the country telling his story of survival.

Edgar Harrell is the author of OUT OF THE DEPTHS, An Unforgettable Story of Survival, Courage, and the Sinking of the USS Indianapolis.

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