Ernie Harwell

Baseball’s regular season ends this weekend and a few lucky fans will see their team in the playoffs. I’ve been a fan of the game since I was a kid growing up in Michigan listening to Ernie Harwell call Detroit Tiger games on WJR. Ernie, who died in 2010, had a wonderful voice with a little Southern drawl and had some quirky phrases that set him apart as a baseball announcer.

Just after his retirement as the Tiger’s announcer, I got to interview Ernie when I worked at Moody Radio in Chicago. It wasn’t my first conversation with him (the first one made me as nervous as I had ever felt on the radio), but it was a memorable one for me. With thanks to Moody Radio, we are going to replay that conversation from the archive this week on FIRST PERSON. ¬†Baseball fan or not, I hope you will enjoy it. Leave a comment at

Ernie’s two books can be found on Amazon here and here.

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