Igor Sereda

On my recent trip to Ukraine, I had the opportunity to visit Radio M which is operated by the Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC). The city I visited was Chernivtsi in Western Ukraine where FEBC operates one of eight radio stations in the country– most of which are still on the air every day in spite of the war. ┬áThis particular station had become a hub for Radio M’s broadcasts when its main studio in Kyiv was temporarily shuttered. Many of the radio station staff from around Ukraine sought refuge in Chernivtsi and continued to broadcast to their nation, much of it under siege.

This week on FIRST PERSON, you’ll meet Igor Sereda, just one of those broadcasters. Like others, Igor is living apart from his wife and young children who are safe in another country. Igor has been faithful in proclaiming the hope of the Gospel to his listeners and also using social media to reach out with spiritual comfort. As a result, he has led many people to Christ.

As you listen, please pray for this man and others like him who are victims of this war in Ukraine themselves, but seeking to be faithful to the Lord as they serve their fellow Ukrainians.

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