James Ruder

As a young man, James Ruder wanted nothing to do with the business his father began– a company building and supplying wooden shipping pallets. But eventually he found himself running the company as it experienced much difficulty and, for a number of reasons, became “unhealthy”.  It was then that James began to think about how to incorporate God and Kingdom principles into running his company. As you listen to his story on FIRST PERSON, you’ll learn what he did that made such a difference and has resulted in L&R Pallet becoming a multi-million dollar enterprise which has attracted national attention for the way it does business.

One thing that makes L&R Pallet distinctive and has garnered national attention is how it treats his employees, many of whom are hard-working refugees who bring great value to the company. More about that part of James Ruder’s story is told in an article you’ll find in a YouTube video and a separate article here.

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