James Spencer

Did you know that in addition to a Bible school in Chicago that bears his name, there was another place very dear to D.L. Moody– his home in Northfield, MA which also was the site of the historic Northfield Conferences? This week on FIRST PERSON, you will hear about the revitalization of what is now called The Moody Center. Its President, James Spencer will join us to talk about the history and present day mission of the center, to encourage another Great Spiritual Awakening.

James is the author of a new book, releasing in February, called USEFUL TO GOD, which updates and expands on the writing of R.A. Torrey in his book, WHY GOD USED D.L. MOODY. You can download samples of the book and learn more here.

NEXT WEEK:  Phil Shappard, 100 PRAYERS OF A.W. TOZER

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