James Ward

Have you ever been the victim of unfair circumstances? How did you respond? Did you feel that you were unable to overcome the negative feelings and emotions? This week on FIRST PERSON, our guest is Pastor/Author/Corporate Executive/Musician James Ward, the author of Zero Victim; Liberate Yourself from the Mentality of Defeat (click for info)James-Ward-Small

In our conversation, James talks about his own story toward a zero victim mentality when during his childhood in Tuscaloosa, AL he was sent to a predominantly white school “on the other side of town”. With the support of a caring family, challenging teachers, and accepting classmates, he learned at an early age that his destiny was not determined by the color of his skin, the neighborhood he grew up in, or his family’s bank account. Those early lessons form the message of his book Zero Victim which also looks to Jesus Christ as the greatest example of the zero victim mindset.

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