Jan Harrison

A friend introduced my to Jan Harrison during last year’s National Religious Broadcaster’s convention in Nashville. As we sat and talked for a few minutes, I knew her story would be one that would be powerful to tell. So, recently Jan and I got on the phone together so that you can hear her story on FIRST PERSON.

Jan and her family have gone through the storm of the sudden death of her young adult son while he was serving on a mission in Africa. Jan has looked to the Lord to sustain her during her grief and shared the comfort and lessons of God’s Word in her book LIFE AFTER THE STORM. As you listen this week, you’ll hear Jan share some of the comfort she has received.

If you missed last week’s show, you missed hearing interviews from the set of the upcoming movie WAR ROOM, but the good news is the program is available for listening online, downloading from iTunes, or downloading on our iPhone app. In addition, there are a couple of bonus interviews at Facebook.com/FirstPersonInterview.

NEXT WEEK:  Batjargal Tuvshintengel- FEBC Mongolia

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