Jason Dorsey

Last year on a trip to Kyrgyzstan and Urkraine, I finally had and opportunity to sit down face-to-face for a conversation with artist and pastor Jason Dorsey. Jason and I both serve on the Board of Mission Eurasia and we were on a trip together with other Board members to learn and encourage the mission’s staff. I had long wanted to have Jason join me on FIRST PERSON because of his unique life and calling.

Now the Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian in Redmond, WA, Jason is also an author and artist who has recently built and opened Sunnyshore Studio on Camano Island in WA as a community outreach. His book, The Beaches of Camano Island, celebrate this beautiful place. In addition to our conversation about art and the church, we also discuss a discipleship path that he has created to help people from all walks of life find their purpose and calling in Christ.

Also, since recording the interview, Jason and Sunnyshore Studio has released a documentary about his Great, Great Grandmother, the artist Fanny Y. Cory. It’s entitled FANNY, The Artist Who Made America Smile and you can watch it here.¬†

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