Jeanne Nigro

jeanne-nigro-smallJeanne Nigro was an organizational change consultant in the corporate world, but her personal life was filled with insecurities and fear. She saw no hope for herself until Jesus Christ and His Word began to change her life. This week on FIRST PERSON, you’ll hear Jeanne’s story of how she found her life’s meaning and purpose.

Jeanne’s new book, just released, is titled UNSHAKEN; Standing Strong in Uncertain Times.unshaken_3d-e1470709014235

Now a seasoned author/teacher, Jeanne speaks at conferences, retreats, congregations, churches, and professional organizations around the world. Through her television and radio broadcasting platform Facets of the Stoneshe enjoys bringing Old Testament truths to life, healing strongholds of the heart, or preparing people for Jesus’ return and the Millennium.

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