John Abkes

Ideas for FIRST PERSON interviews come from all places and people. Recently, a long-time friend of mine told me the story of John Abkes who had suffered a terrible accident while on vacation and subsequently went through a long and miraculous rehabilitation and healing. I invited John and his wife, Julie (along with my friend and his wife) to the studio from their home in Nebraska, and they drove all the way to sit down and tell me their remarkable story.

This week on FIRST PERSON, you’ll hear John and Julie tell that story in their own words. Of course, time did not permit all the ways that God met their every need during their crisis, but you can read more about what they went through in the book, GET UP AND WALK, The Miraculous Story of a Man’s Watery Grave and God’s Amazing Grace.

NEXT WEEK:  Dale Beaver, Former Motor Racing Outreach Chaplain

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