Karen Bejjani

PLEASE NOTE:  If missed our special report last week, VOICES FROM UKRAINE, please listen and share the program from our listening archive.

Can you imagine sharing your faith with a person of another culture? And yet we are called to share the Gospel with everyone. Our FIRST PERSON guest this week can help you overcome any hesitation. Karen Bejjani is the author of THE BLUE CORD, Connecting Your Faith with Your Purpose.

Karen Bejjani emboldens Christian women (and men) of all ages and backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities, to let go of any doubt and fear around sharing their faith in a cancel culture, and instead focus on practical ways to shine their light for Christ.

There is a special Blue Cord conference coming up in April that you’ll want to consider. More information here.

NEXT WEEK:  Sergey Nakul, from his church in Kiev, Ukkraine

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