Kay Horner

kay-horner-smallI had heard about Kay Horner long before I had a chance to meet her and her husband, Perry, while we were on a mutual ministry assignment recently. Not long after, I called Kay and asked her to tell us her personal story of walking with Christ and her vision for praying for a contemporary spiritual awakening in America. That’s what you’ll hear as you listen to Kay this week on FIRST PERSON.

Kay is the Executive Director of Awakening America Alliance, and the National Coordinator for Cry Out America 9/11 Prayer Initiative. Both movements provide an umbrella under which various Christian groups can unite together in prayer for our country.

But here at Christmastime, I also wanted to talk with Kay about her book, The Christmas Dance which retells the Christmas story through Biblical characters, both in the Old Testament and the New.51hsqbko2gl

Thanks for listening this week and Merry Christmas to all of our FIRST PERSON listeners!

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