Kevin Belmonte

🎄 MERRY CHRISTMAS to all FIRST PERSON listeners! 🎄

We have something a little different for our Christmas edition of FIRST PERSON. D.L. Moody biographer Kevin Belmonte joins me in conversation about Moody’s thoughts and prayers regarding Christmas. Kevin has done extensive research on the life and ministry of Moody and has befriended Moody family. He has some wonderful anecdotes he shares from DL’s life as well as the actual words he spoke on the theme of Christmas.

Moody referred to Christmas as “the hope that God gave– the lamp of promise.” I hope you’ll enjoy the stories that Kevin tells in our interview and the glimpse into the life of the man, D.L. Moody.

Kevin Belmonte has been on FIRST PERSON many times, including our conversation regarding the biography, DL MOODY -A LIFE, which Kevin wrote. You can listen to that earlier program here.

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