Lee Strobel

Lee-Strobel-SmallMost listeners will recognize the name Lee Strobel. Lee’s testimony is that he was an avowed atheist who set out to prove that the Bible’s claims about Jesus Christ were untrue. At the time, Lee was a journalist working for the Chicago Tribune. The result of his personal investigation was that Lee became a Christian in 1981.  You can read more of Lee’s biography and see the titles of the Christian apologetic books he has written here.

The part of Lee’s life that he has not talked about before is the focus of this week’s FIRST PERSON interview. Lee’s latest book is titled The Case for Grace: A Journalist Explores the Evidence of Transformed Lives   and in it he talks about his strained relationship with his own father even as he tells stories of God’s grace in the lives of people he interviewed.  Even if you’ve read everything Lee has written, you’ll learn more of his story when you listen this week.

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