Maj. Gen. Carl Schneider, U.S. Air Force (ret.)

On this Memorial Day weekend our FIRST PERSON guest is retired U.S. Air Force Major General, Carl Schneider. As a fighter pilot, Gen. Schneider knew many fellow pilots who gave their lives in combat on behalf of their country, and once he returned home, he visited the homes and families of many of those killed in action.

As a Texas farm boy chopping weeds in a cotton field, Carl Schneider dreamed of becoming a fighter pilot and eventually enlisted in the army, becoming a B29 turret mechanic. Learning to fly, he made the transition to jet fighter pilot and flew combat mission in Korea and Vietnam as well as Cold War missions. He then serve many commands before retirement and has received many awards and decorations during his distinguished career.  Today, Gen. Schneider works on behalf of veterans who have served their country and deserve our respect and help.

Carl Schneider is the author of two books:  A family memoir, Little House on the High Plains, and Jet Pioneer; A Fighter Pilot’s Memoir.

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