Mary Dodd

Mary Dodd will tell you that she was born with sawdust in her veins. She is a carpenter and has actually has built all kinds of things using many hands-on skills and this week you’ll meet her on FIRST PERSON.

Mary’s skills were fostered under the steady hand of her father who built the house she grew up in with her 7 brothers and sisters. When her brothers left home, she quickly became his right-hand girl, spending countless hours holding the flashlight, learning the tools of the trade, and assisting him in his next great project. As an adult, she pursued her passion as a carpenter in an industry where less than 2% of the jobs are held by women.

Today, along with her husband Tony, Mary leads Carpenter’s Guide Ministries, a non-profit dedicated to rebuilding the lives of others, and she has authored the book The Pink Toolbelt, Spiritual Remodeling for Women.

“The decision to be like Christ has touched every area of my life. Nothing has been harder to implement, yet nothing has been more rewarding,” reflects Dodd. “Because of the changes it has brought to my life, I am passionate about helping others remodel their lives according to the example we have in Christ.”

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