Mateen Elass

This week’s interview features the spiritual journey of Mateen Elass. Born to a Muslim father, raised for more than a decade in Saudi Arabia, Mateen was schooled in western philosophy and psychology. During his early teens Mateen began a search for God, largely through reading. For six years he focused on eastern mysticism and meditation including a stay at an ashram in India. Yet his nagging questions, Who is God? How can I know him? remained unanswered.

God guided Mateen toward an answer to those questions by bringing him into contact with genuine Christians. They repeatedly pointed him to Christ and challenged him, “Read the four gospels of the New Testament. Get to know Jesus.” He took up the challenge. After days of reading, study, and prayer, at the age of twenty Mateen became a follower of Christ. As is common in Middle Eastern families, he soon paid a high cost for his newfound faith: isolation from his father for more than a decade.

Mateen is the author of The Teachings of Jesus and Muhammad, and Understanding the Koran. After years of pastoral ministry, in the fall of 2015, Mateen took up a new calling with Voice of the Truth in Colorado Springs, a ministry dedicated to reaching the Arabic-speaking peoples with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

You’ll hear part one of Mateen’s story this week– and then next week he will rejoin us with the rest of his story and a perspective on Islam that will help us better understand the world of Islam.

NEXT WEEK:  Mateen Elass, Part Two

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