Memorial Day

I contacted the author of a wonderful book for this week’s interview, but unfortunately he was unable to join me on FIRST PERSON. However, he did give me permission to read selected excerpts from the book, Serving God and Country; U.S. Military Chaplains in WWII. The author is Lyle W.Dorsett and I’m very grateful that I am able to bring you these readings as we observe Memorial Day in America.

The book’s jacket describes it best:  These are the personal stories of some of the bravest and most selfless men who served with the armed forces. Many lost their lives for suffered debilitating wounds as they strived to keep the military personnel spiritually awake, morally fit– and prepared to make the journey from this world to the next without fear or despair, and with the trust of the Almighty in their hearts.

You’ll find Serving God and Country here and I  hope you will read it and give thanks as I do for these brave souls.

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